Sydney & Coleman

Sydney and Coleman's mission is to expose young black girls and boys to concepts and careers in STEAM through books, activities, toys, and experiences.   Our vision is to see all children of color pursuing higher-level education in the areas of STEAM and have successful careers.  The publishing division of Sydney and Coleman LLC focuses on promoting and advancing this vision. 


Teaching STEAM / STEM early on encourages children to explore STEAM / STEM career paths.


Representation matters. It is incredibly important to encourage children to envision possibilities beyond the confines of a society that may discourage them or discriminate against them.


Including literature in children’s early development enhances their language and critical thinking skills and builds a solid foundation for their future education.

The Colemans  

Wife and husband duo, Delanda and Terrence Coleman started Sydney & Coleman in 2019.  They have one daughter, who loves to have a bedtime story read to her every night!  After years of reading, the couple began searching for books with more diverse characters in topics that focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).  

Delanda and Terrence found very few options in these categories and decided it was time to create their own story.  They are excited to create stories and experiences that highlight inclusive images all children and parents will love.


The stories of Sydney & Coleman inspire and encourage children to see themselves in the princes, princesses and superheroes they read about. Exploring STEAM / STEM concepts through the perspectives of children of color, Sydney & Coleman’s stories build an engaging, educational and inspiring foundation for your child’s future.