Princess & Superhero Pack
Princess & Superhero Pack
Princess & Superhero Pack

Princess & Superhero Pack

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Meet Princess Kiana and Deshaun Prime.  These two characters are designed to inspire boys and girls everywhere.  

Follow Kiana as she discovers she’s a princess like no other!

Meet Princess Kiana! A princess who imagines a life beyond the castle. Guided by her fairy godmother, Kiana explores a future full of possibilities. She dreams of being not only a princess but an astronaut, a doctor, an engineer, and a designer too!

Through the perspective of an African American princess, More Than a Princess shows readers of all races that with vision and dedication, they could be the first princess on Mars! Kiana’s interests are focused in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM / STEM) to encourage children to dream of being a princess and beyond!

Discover the power of your mind with Deshaun!

In a family of superheroes, Deshaun feels rather ordinary. With the help of his family, he soon discovers he is super too! Deshaun is gifted with the power of his mind and uses his skills in engineering to build a robot that helps save lives.

Through the perspective of an African American boy, What’s My Superpower? encourages readers of all races to discover their own unique superpower. What’s My Superpower? also exposes children to problem-solving via the engineering design process.  

This book is the perfect engaging, educational and inspiring gift for young children and early readers of all races. 

Together they form the Princess and Superhero Pack. Included in the pack: 

  • More Than A Princess Hardback (Autographed)
  • What's My Superpower Hardback (Autographed) 


I purchased this for my niece and while I’m almost unable to articulate how much I’ve enjoyed it; I’m elated to discover a book that was written for us by us. It’s very satisfying to purchase a book where my niece can be encouraged and represented on each page. While also imagining she too can do ANYTHING she dreams of!

Amazon Reviewer

I am a school counselor and this book is a must have! The images are amazing and the message is phenomenal! You can do anything you put your mind to! I also love the careers she chose to explore and how the character learns some unique things about each one! If you have kids or work with kids, you NEED this book!